International Officer

Moin Rahman

International Officer - Moin Rahman

Hi everyone! I am Moin, and I am excited to be the International Student Officer for 2023.

I am currently undertaking higher degree research - MPhil (Engineering) with a quest to contribute toward sustainable engineering. I have previously served in various other committees contributing toward international student advocacy, young migrant engineers community and for other noble causes like raising funds for the disabled.

My values are underpinned by good ethics, humility and advocating for rights. Leveraging this and the experience gathered on numerous previous roles coupled with learning, I am focused to work toward filling existing or emerging voids that is recurringly disconnecting international and domestic student learning and campus experiences.

I will aim to further strengthen international student advocacy, identify and address localised and broader areas of international student support with overarching goal to make international students gain more sovereignty of speech, momentum, and wider early recognition for eventually becoming key drivers of the economy.

News and events will be frequently updated in the QUT Guild International Facebook group.