Clubs and Societies Officer

Madison Shepherd

Clubs and societies officer - madison shepherd


Hey there! I’m Madison and I’m currently in my third year of a double degree in law and behavioural science with a minor in counselling.

To tell you a bit about me, I’m a bit of a homebody... My ideal Friday night is chilling at home watching a doco on some obscure historical event with a cuppa, while crocheting and snuggling the cat. I have been known to try to learn languages on a whim and I live in constant fear of the Duolingo Owl. I’m a people person and a problem solver, but my dad jokes are worse than my actual dad’s. You have been warned!

I ran for the clubs position purely because I’m a glutton for punishment (kidding, kinda…) and I had the opportunity to see the impact the Guild has on the clubs space as a club president and as a member of the Clubs and Societies Committee in 2022.

I believe in fixing only what needs to be fixed, so I hope to work in close conjunction with the clubs themselves to better understand what they need, and how I can help. I don’t have a personal agenda to push, the only thing I want to accomplish is to leave Guild Clubs better than how I found it. So, if you have any ideas – send them my way!

The main challenges I’ll be facing this year will be divvying up limited funds between all the very deserving clubs, helping people get keen to come back on campus, keeping my desk tidy and choosing who will win Best Meme at the Club Awards.

To get in touch with me, my email is My physical and metaphorical door is always open so feel free to send an email or pop in for a chat at the Guild offices if you ever have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just want to see some cute photos of my cat Gus.