Disability Officer

Harley Manley

Disability Officer - Harley manley

Hi everyone! I’m Harley. I am your disability officer for the QUT Guild this year. I am in my second year of the Bachelor of Education (Secondary). I have dabbled in both Psychology and Economics at UQ before coming to QUT and finding my passion for teaching. A little about myself: I am a cat and dog person (honestly, just a massive animal lover in general), I love rock climbing, and I could chug 2 litres of Pepsi Max in one sitting.

I have had my fair share of ‘lived experience’ with my diagnosis of ADHD—only being done in my final year of high school—and two years later, being diagnosed with anxiety. I learnt from these experiences how important having the proper support from your teachers, friends, family, other students, and the school faculty. I also felt how terrifying and relieving getting help can be.

QUT does have an excellent support system in place for students with disabilities. Still, as we navigate through new experiences and face new challenges, we can always learn something that could be done to better our experience at QUT. This is why I put my hand up to be your disability officer.

I may have my own experiences navigating disability, but I know that people have had a wealth of different experiences and have different needs, so there is still a lot I don’t know. Therefore, I appreciate any input, insight, or general feedback about what I can do to help you.

You can contact me via email at disabilities@qutguild.com, or you can come by and visit me on level 1 of C Block (Guild Offices)