Student Representative Council & Media Team

The QUT Guild is made up of the Student Representative Council (SRC), the Board and the Media Team. The SRC is led by the President, Secretary, Treasurer, followed by a team of officers and volunteer faculty councillors. 

Together they run regular campaigns, weekly collective meetings and more.

As every student is a member of QUT Guild, we encourage all interested students to come to our meetings to stay up to date with the governance of the QUT Guild, contribute to debate and discussion, and ask questions of the office bearers. 

If you require any more information, or would like to submit a motion, please email


YOUR 2023 Student representative Council


YOUR 2023 student faculty councillors

  • Engineering Councillor 
  • Science Councillor
  • Business and Law Councillor
  • Health Councillor
  • Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice Councillor