Affiliation Process


Step 1: Apply

  1. Complete the EOI (see ‘Start a Club’ on the QG Website) and submit your application.
  2. Your application will be considered at the next Clubs and Societies (C&S) Committee Meeting (these meetings generally occur bi-monthly but timing does vary).
  3. The outcome of your application will be advised to you via email.  
    • Should your application be approved this email will detail the next steps for your club to secure affiliation.  
    • Should your application be declined this email will explain the reasons behind this decision and advice to rectify this for a successful application to be approved at the next meeting. 


Step 2: Write your Constitution

Congratulations on being provisionally affiliated! Now, you need to write a Constitution for your club. This is an important document, and needs to be sent to us for approval 14 days before you hold your Initial General Meeting (more on that in the next step).

Your Club Constitution is the written policy that governs your Club, as agreed by the members of the Club. Executives should use it as a reference to know how to run the Club and what must be done throughout the year. Requirements specified in a Club’s Constitution must be adhered to. In order to remain affiliated with the QUT Guild, your Club Constitution can only be changed at a General Meeting of your Club, and only after having the changes approved by the Clubs team. Any breaches may result in the suspension of your Club's affiliation with QUT Guild until the issue has been resolved, or your Club may be disaffiliated altogether.  

We provide you with a Model Constitution as a guide – you may modify this to fit your club, but there are some things which must be included at a minimum. Remember, this is an important document, and if you don't put effort into it won't be approved.

Now you can submit your constitution to us for approval, at least 14 days before you wish to hold your IGM, and proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Hold an IGM

Now that you have a constitution approved by us, you need to hold an Inaugural General Meeting. This is a formal meeting where your constitution must be passed by your members, and a President, Secretary and Treasurer must be elected (at a minimum). 

More information about Roles and Responsibilities of your Executive are in the next section.

  • Your IGM must be held no later than 30 business days after the application has been processed. 
  • Notice of the IGM Meeting must be given to the Clubs team at least 7 business days prior to the meeting (do this by emailing a calendar invitation to
  • At the meeting:
    • You must meet quorum (this number will vary, but we recommend that 10 members attend at a minimum)
    • You must elect a President, Secretary and Treasurer (at a minimum)
    • You must vote to adopt the constitution exactly as approved by the C&S Committee.
  • If your meeting doesn't meet quorum it will not be compliant. You will have the chance to run the meeting again as many times as you wish within the 30 business days until you reach quorum. 
  • You must adopt the same Constitution, Name and Aims as approved by the C&S Committee.
  • At the meeting the following documents must be prepared using the Templates provided in : 
  1. IGM Meeting Agenda  
  2. IGM Meeting Minutes 
  3. IGM Attendance List   
  4. Club Membership List – this must include members’ names, student numbers, and emails 
  5. Club Executive Contact Details – this must include executives’ names, phone numbers, email addresses and student numbers 
  6. Affiliation Agreement 
  7. Letter of affiliation if you are affiliated with another organisation  

Should your club not hold an IGM meeting or are unable to reach quorum within the 30-day period, your application will lapse and will need to be resubmitted.

We know this part is tricky – make sure you follow the checklist in Club Resources > Handover, Planning and AGMs


Step 4: Tell us about it!

Now that you've held your IGM, send us all seven of the documents listed above.

Once we've checked everything, we'll get you listed on our website for people to find you.

Most importantly, have fun! If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact our Clubs Team at