Big Lift


Big Lift is the QUT club that's all about paying it forward! We aim to uplift (Big Lift, if you will) the people and communities around us. We welcome students of all ages and disciplines within QUT, providing the opportunity to volunteer in service projects during Mid-Year and End-Of-Year bus trips to towns in regional QLD. 

QUT Big Lift began in 2010, as students who wanted to support regional communities through meaningful volunteering pursuits whilst enhancing our own understanding of rural life through conscious, reflective conversations, and hands-on experience; all the while practising respect for Indigenous Australians as the traditional owners of the land we live on. 

Today, the legacy continues. The core values exemplified, and vision executed by our very own Big Lifters. If you're interested in becoming a member or would like to learn more about our little-big community, you can do so by clicking our website link above.