QUT Kendo Club


We are QUT Kendo Club, a new martial arts club at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane. Welcome to our Facebook space and we hope you will join us to foster and develop this information portal as our new club evolves. It is the first time the city of Brisbane has had a university kendo club and we are very excited about the prospects for growth and development of this martial discipline in our lovely city.

Kendo is the Japanese martial art of sword training derived from traditional Samurai swordsmanship. Training is carried out using a bamboo sword (shinai), and the wearing of light, protective armour (bogu) covering specific target areas on the head, hands and body to enable full contact training and competition.

The concept of kendo is to discipline the human character, mind, and body through the application of the principles of the sword (katana).

Our Classes

Our core aim is to present the opportunity for students to learn kendo in an inclusive and supportive environment. The objective in developing a university club for our members is to introduce an activity rich in culture that provides social connections, is physically active and promotes self-confidence, healthy lifestyle, leadership opportunities, courtesy, honour and harmony.

Classes are organised to suit beginners through to experienced kendoka with an emphasis on mentoring and shared skills. Training in an inclusive learning environment with sound foundational skills enables the transition to more advanced kendo in a safe, controlled and structured format.

For the more competitively inspired members, we are also looking to develop a kendo squad to compete in various competitions throughout the year, but particularly, at the annual UniSport Nationals involving universities from most other Australian states. This event involves both male and female categories for individual and team matches. Historically, Queensland has little to no representation in kendo at the UniSport Nationals. We aim to rectify this situation.