Code of Conduct – Students

Code of Conduct – Students

What is expected of me as a student?

In  all of your interactions with others at university, you’re expected to:
  • treat other members of the University community with respect and courtesy;
  • behave in a manner which does not adversely affect the freedom of other members of the University community to pursue their studies, duties or activities;
  • refrain from intimidating or bullying behaviour towards other members of the University community;
  • refrain from harassing, discriminating against or vilifying other members of the University community on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, age, disability, beliefs or opinions, or background;
  • use the University’s IT resources in an appropriate manner; and
  • comply with directions given by University officers to promote the good order and management of the University.
In undertaking your studies, you are expected to:
  • work to the best of your abilities and to make genuine attempts to progress successfully by meeting course requirements and deadlines for assessment and by regular attendance and/or engagement with learning activities;
  • undertake academic work in a manner consistent with principles of academic integrity;
  • conduct yourself in a professional manner while undertaking industrial or clinical placements, field trips, practicums or other forms of work integrated learning, and maintain the highest standards of professional ethics relevant to the profession or industry for which they are being trained;
  • comply with all health and safety requirements and instructions given by the University and attend any relevant training if required by the University;
  • use IT resources and other learning or support facilities provided by the University, including library and computer laboratory facilities, in a responsible manner which does not hinder other students; and
  • provide constructive feedback to academic staff on their teaching and the quality of units of study when participating in the University’s evaluation processes.
In managing your enrolment and academic programs, you are expected to:
  • acquaint yourself and comply with University policies and procedures, and all course and unit requirements relevant to your enrolment and program of study;
  • obey the statutes, rules and policies of the University;
  • provide timely and accurate information on matters relating to admission, enrolment, assessment and any other student matter;
  • meet your financial commitments to the University; and
  • ensure personal details (including electronic contact details) are current.

What if I breach the Code of Conduct?

Students who breach the Code of Conduct are likely to have Student Misconduct allegations made against them by the University. See our Student Misconduct article.

If you’re unsure about what’s required of you as a student, or you think you may have done something wrong and need advice, come and see the Guild’s Student Rights Hub and we can help you out.