Code of Conduct – Staff

Code of Conduct – Staff

Why is it important to me as a student?

While you may not think the Code of Conduct for staff is important, it governs the way that staff of the University must interact with you as a student. If you ever feel as though a staff member is treating you unfairly, or not doing their job properly, there may be a provision in the Code of Conduct that can help you argue this to the University.

What do staff have to do?

There are some basic principles that all staff at QUT must adhere to, and that are relevant to you as a student:
  1. respect for the law and system of government
  2. respect for persons
  3. integrity
  4. diligence

Look below for an explanation of each one.

Respect for the law and system of government

This means that University staff must comply with all statutes. This could include things like the Anti-Discrimination Act, or the legislation that requires them to have a Blue Card.

Respect for persons

The University staff must respect you! This means:
  1. Being responsive and courteous, including emails
  2. Avoiding discrimination or harrassment of others
  3. Respecting the privacy of others
  4. Making fair decisions
  5. Respecting the opinions of others

This means that staff must, among other things, respond your emails in a timely manner, allow you to share your opinions in class, fairly decide whether or not you may have an assignment extension, and never discriminate or harrass you. It also means that they may not disclose your private information to others unless statute obliges them to.


QUT staff must present themselves in a way that is indicative of the QUT community, and not damage or interfere with its reputation. This means they may not abuse their position of power over you. For instance, they may not ask for a bribe for better marks.


Staff must do the best job that they can. This, for instance, means making sure their knowledge is current to teach, that they mark assessment evenly across the cohort, they ensure their teaching spaces are safe, and don’t undertake their duties while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It also means that if they have a job outside QUT, that they ensure that they provide sufficient consultation time outside of class time.

I don’t think a staff member is adhering to the Code.

If in your studies you meet a staff member who you think is breaching the Code, you should come and see us. This means staff who are teaching poorly or your tutor not turning up to class or treating you badly. Make an appointment to see the Guild’s Student Rights Hub and we can give you advice, or start the proceedings with the University to make sure the staff are doing the best they can for you.