Life is full of experiences, adventures, moments and feelings. These are the basic ingredients that make a great story. Every story in life has a purpose and one that resonates through history for QUT Catholics is the story of Jesus Christ. How did one man impact the world so deeply that even today, 2000 years later, we are still inspired by him?

QUT Catholics is the Catholic Club on Campus and we’re here for you. Wherever you’ve come from and whatever you do, you have a story and we want to hear your story. University life provides a great space for discovering new friends, a world of independence and ultimately a new realm of learning. Often we are so busy signing on, tuning in and catching up, that we struggle to make time to slow down, unplug and ponder about the heavier questions, like what is life? Is God real? What is my purpose?

At QUT Catholics we’re keen to meet up and hang out, whether it’s faith studies, jam sessions, participating in sacraments or sport. QUT Catholics is here to listen, share, build lasting friendships, discover God and help you keep Him at the center of your life.

Your story matters – give it purpose and meaning and you will discover true freedom.