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Starting your own club?

QUT Guild provides affiliated clubs with access to funding and resources to help club leaders successfully run a club. This includes:

  • Training and leadership workshops for club executives
  • A Welcome Week stall for your club
  • Room bookings on campus
  • Running club events and fundraisers

Applying for Club Affiliation

Step 1: Submit an EOI

You will need to collect at least 20 signatures and submit it with your EOI form to be considered for affiliation.

Download the EOI to Affiliate here

Submit the completed form to

Step 2: Attend induction and write a constitution

After your EOI is approved by the Clubs and Societies Committee, you will need to attend an induction with your team members.

At the induction you will be creating a Constitution for your club.

Download the Constitution template here.

Step 3: Hold an IGM and notify QUT Guild Clubs

After your Constitution is approved, you will need to hold an Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) where your constitution must be passed by your members and Club Executives are elected.

You must notify 7 days prior to your IGM.

Download and submit your IGM Documents on QPay after the meeting:

IGM Agenda

IGM Minutes

IGM Attendance List

Executive Contact Details

IGM Checklist

Membership List

You can log in to your existing club’s QPay account to access the IGM documents submission form. If you do not have a QPay account, you will need to create one for your club.

Step 4: Receive your letter of affiliation

Congrats, you’ve made it to the final stage! After your IGM documents are approved you will receive a Letter of Affiliation from the Clubs Coordinator and your QPay account will be approved for affiliation.

Visit the Clubs Resources page to access your Club Handbook and other resources.