Transitioning from CBA to NAB

It is the Guild’s mission to support our clubs and societies, assisting them to grow and further enrich the student experience. In 2018, we issued a survey to all clubs to better understand the obstacles they face, and the feedback received indicated a common frustration with Commbank and our banking processes.

We have listened to your feedback and passed our concerns on to Commbank, with the hope that we could work together to solve these issues. After speaking with a number of banks, we have decided to transition to the National Australia Bank, where we have arranged a much more beneficial partnership for our clubs and societies.

We invite all Presidents and Treasurers to attend a special banking seminar at our Clubs Conference on the 2nd July. Please ensure you are checking your club’s email regularly for important updates regarding this transition. For more information on the next steps, please click here or email

We are working on getting as much as we can in the background now so we can switch providers easily. We will be issuing resources which will guide you through the process, however, we will be more than happy to help anyone out, should they have difficulty with the transition. We also understand that you might have events active for ticket sales, which are linked to your commonwealth bank account. This is not a problem. You will be able to switch your account over whenever you have closed off old events.

Your key contacts moving forward with the transition will be:

Jayden Dawson QUT Guild Treasurer:
Nick Lam & Bethany Fitzsimmon Campus Culture VP’s: