Transitioning from CBA to NAB: Setting up

1. Creating a NAB identification

a. If you already have a personal account or profile with NAB, you will be able to progress to the next step.

b. If you cannot attend our NAB ID sessions, you will be able to visit any NAB branch to verify your ID. Download and print the New-to-Bank Identification Protocols to present to the branch. From there, they will be able to assist in setting you up.

Step 2: Fill out the JotForm

Fill out the JotForm. The form requests some personal details necessary to set up your online NAB Connect Login.

Step 3: Notify Guild Treasurer

Once Step 1 is complete, please notify the Guild Treasurer that this process has been completed at

Step 4: Wait for Email With Credentials

Once the JotForm is completed, you will receive your new online login details via your nominated email address.



We are working on getting as much as we can in the background now so we can switch providers easily. We will be issuing resources which will guide you through the process, however, we will be more than happy to help anyone out, should they have difficulty with the transition. We also understand that you might have events active for ticket sales, which are linked to your commonwealth bank account. This is not a problem. You will be able to switch your account over whenever you have closed off old events.

Your key contacts moving forward with the transition will be:

Lewis Holmes QUT Guild Treasurer:
Lydia & Saskia Campus Culture VP’s: