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Exclusion or Show Cause

Eligibility for exclusion

You will receive an email from the University stating that you are eligible for exclusion from your course and asking you to show cause as to why you should be allowed to continue your studies.

You may be eligible for exclusion if:

  • Your GPA is less than 3 in consecutive teaching periods other than in the first 96 credit points of your course; or
  • You have failed a subject three (3) or more times; or
  • You have failed a designated unit two (2) times; or
  • You have exceeded the maximum limit for your course; or
  • You have failed to meet requirements of your higher degree research candidature.

Show Cause Appeal

What to include in your Show Cause appeal;

  1. The extenuating circumstances that impacted your ability to adhere to the unit requirements; and
  2. How these extenuating circumstances negatively impacted on your studies; and
  3. Strategies to redress the situation (e.g. tutoring, reducing work hours, seeing a counsellor etc);
  4. If you have failed a unit three times what strategies will you implement to specifically pass this unit the next time you attempt it?

Book an appointment with an Academic Advocacy Officer for the best chance of success with your Show Cause appeal. 

Whatever the Faculty Academic Board decide in regard to the outcome of your Show Cause is final, however, you may appeal the decision on procedural grounds only via the Student Ombudsman.

If your Show Cause appeal is successful you will be placed back on probationary enrolment for six (6) months. However, if the appeal is dismissed, you will be excluded from continuing your studies or returning to a ‘like’ QUT course or study program for 12 months, unless:

  • The minimum 12 month exclusion period has ended; and
  • The readmission application is accompanied with a written statement discussing why you were excluded in the first place and describing your plan to return to study. The written statement will be reviewed as part of the readmission decision.


Show Cause Guide

Show Cause Checklist