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Changing your course or major

Changing your course

The application process will depend on your enrolment status and the course you are changing into.

Check if you’re eligible and find out more through QUT’s change your course page.

If you are:

  • domestic undergraduate student changing into a course from a different faculty, you can apply through the Course Transfer Application as long as the course is covered by QUT’s offer guarantee and doesn’t require any prerequisites, prior study or additional entry requirements. If you’d like to change to another QUT undergraduate course but Course Transfer is unavailable for your degree or you don’t meet the requirements, apply through QTAC.
  • domestic postgraduate student changing your course, the application process will depend on the course you want to change into. Click here to find out what the application process is for your desired course.
  • domestic research degree student, you can make changes to your existing candidature by lodging an Application for Change to Candidature form with the Research Students Centre (X Block, Kelvin Grove Campus).
  • an international student, you need to reapply for your new course by following these steps.

Changing your major

The application process will depend on your enrolment status and the major you are changing into.

If you are:

  • domestic student you may be able to change your major through your Study Plan in eStudent if:
    • you’re starting your first semester of your course
    • you haven’t completed any units in a major yet and your offer isn’t restricted to a particular major
  • if the above doesn’t apply to you, you will need to Submit a Change of Major request. Requests can take up to 5 business days to process.
  • an international student you will need to contact your faculty for approval as it may have an effect on your course progression and visa requirements. After you’ve spoken to your faculty and read QUT’s course progress policy and your visa conditions, you’ll need to submit a Change of Major request form.