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Assessment Adjustments for Health Conditions

Special arrangements if you are impacted by a health condition, injury and/or disability.

You may be eligible for an Access Equity Plan. Under this plan, QUT Disability Services can make special arrangements for your studies so you are not disadvantaged compared with other students. This is a free and confidential service.

QUT’s definition of ‘disability’ is taken from the legislation and includes conditions ranging from minor and temporary (e.g. mobility impairment due to a broken wrist) to chronic and ongoing – including mental health conditions. If you are unsure if your health condition, injury or disability meets QUT’s eligibility requirements for an Access Equity Plan, get in touch with Disability Services. Don’t rule out the possibility of getting support.

If you have an appointment with a Disability Adviser, we can come along with you as a support person. Just get in touch with us!