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A picture of two students in teal tshirts with their back towards the camera.

About Your Student Union

Representing and supporting students since 1966, QUT Guild exists to be the voice of change and support for all students at QUT.

Student Representation and Advocacy

Our activities are guided by students who are elected each year to represent you as a student. The Student Representative Council sit on important university committees and provide valuable input on behalf of the QUT student community that helps inform policies and agreements made by the university.

Student Support Services and Wellbeing Initiatives

We also provide a range of free student support services and activities on campus that are aimed at supporting your overall wellbeing and ensuring you get the most out of your university experience.

All enrolled QUT students have free access to our services. If you need support, we are here for you. Sign up to become an active member and get the latest updates.

Our Story

QUT Guild was formed in 1966 by a group of elected students. The Union Council comprised of the President, five Executive Directors and up to 35 student representatives, elected at annual elections.

Previous Guild Presidents:

  • Zoe Davidson (2023)
  • Oscar Davison (2022)
  • Olivia Brumm (2020-2021)
  • Vinnie Batten (2019)
  • Issy Powell (2018)
  • Charlie Harris (2017)
  • Phil Johnson (2016)
  • Jack McGuire (2015)
  • Courtney Mulder (2014)
  • Chris Rose (2013)

Glass Media is our free student magazine and newspaper. At the annual Guild Council elections, a ticket may run up to ten candidates for the role of “Newspaper Editor.” In 2011, Qute was awarded best student magazine nationally.

Previous names of our student newspapers:

  • UNIT (1966–1982)
  • PLANET (1982–1990…)
  • UTOPIA (…1990–2005…)
  • Qute (…2011…)
  • Universe (–2018)
  • Glass Media (2018–present)

The Guild continues to support students at QUT with an Academic Advocacy Service, funding to over 140 Clubs and Societies, and broader advocacy on Student Welfare through activism and campaigning for policy change, thanks to our dedicated student community.

Governance & Documentation

The governance of the QUT Guild has always been determined by the constitution, and regulations.

The QUT Student Guild is a Statutory Corporation created by the Queensland State Parliament by s34 of the Queensland University of Technology Act 1998.

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Student Representative Council

 The SRC are a group of annually elected students who lead Guild initiatives and activities. Together they run regular campaigns, weekly collective meetings and more.

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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of six elected students, the General Manager of the Guild and University alumni. The Board manages the administration of the affairs, property and funds of the Guild.

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QUT Guild Staff

The Guild Professional Services (GPS) Team are the people who manage and operate Guild services such as Academic Advocacy, Events, Marketing, Graduation Gowns, The General Store, Botanic Bar and Grove Bar.

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