A long time ago (1976 to be exact) the QUT Guild was founded. Ever since then we have been providing support and representation for students. Our aim has always been to ensure all students have the best university experience they can during their degree. Each year we host numerous social events, introduce projects that benefit students and negotiate student issues with the university.

Some of our recent student initiatives have been:

  • Little Emergencies
  • Free Breakfasts
  • Renegotiating the 0% late policy
  • Extending the SWOTVAC period

We also have a number of services available to students, including The Botanic Bar, The Grove, The General Store, The Corner Store, and Advocacy and Welfare services.

The governance of the QUT Guild has always been determined by the constitution, and regulations.

The QUT Student Guild is a Statutory Corporation created by the Queensland State Parliament by s34 of the Queensland University of Technology Act 1998.