The QUT Guild has a strong commitment to transparency. All documentation regarding our Governance is hosted on this site, and updates posted on our public online Noticeboard. Students are encouraged to follow both.


Governing Documents

QUT Guild Constitution - Approved by QUT Council - 23/09/2021

QUT Guild Regulations - 06/09/2022

QUT Guild Elections Regulations - 23/09/2021

QUT Guild Media Regulations - 23/09/2021

QUT Guild Council

As every student is a member of the QUT Guild, we encourage all interested students to come to our meetings to stay up to date with the governance of the QUT Guild, contribute to debate & discussion, and ask questions of the office bearers. If you require any more information, or would like to submit a motion, please email

For all information about upcoming meetings, as well as any proposed changes to our Constitution or Regulations, please visit our public online Noticeboard.

meeting documents

QUT Guild Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes | 2022

qut guild Board meeting minutes

08/12/2021 - Board Meeting #1

09/02/2022 - Board Meeting #2

31/03/2022 - Board Meeting #3

26/05/2022 - Board Meeting #4

23/06/2022 - Board Meeting #5

28/07/2022 - Board Meeting #6