Welcome to QUT Guild, Your Student Union.

Unions serve an important role in Australian universities.

Our organisation exists to represent the interests of students to help negotiate and make agreements with the university that effectively benefit you as a student. In other words, we've got your back!


Discovering friendships that last a lifetime and connections that are pure gold - that's what campus life is all about!

Here at QUT our student community is big, bold and diverse. We have over 160 clubs and societies, collectives, volunteering opportunities and much more! 

No matter where you're from or what you're into there's a good chance you'll find people you vibe with.

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In addition to representing your interests at University, we provide a range of services to support you throughout your studies.

Our student bars on campus offer a place for you to listen to music, chill out and relax after class, play pool and attend events on campus.

From Orientation to your Graduation, we've got you covered!

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2023 Student Representatives

The QUT Guild is made up of Student Representative Council members, the Board and Student Editors at Glass Magazine.

When it's election time, you get to sway the vote and choose student leaders who have your best interests at heart and in turn, help make university a better place for everyone involved.

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