Review of Academic Ruling

Review of Academic Ruling

Has the University made a formal decision that you think is unfair? Examples could be denying the following:

  • Late withdrawal without penalty
  • Cross-institutional study
  • Deferred exams
  • Review of grade

Basically if you asked for something, and the University denied it, you should contact us to find out if it qualifies for a review of academic ruling.

How do I have a decision reviewed?

You need to submit a Review of Academic Ruling (RA) form to the Student Centre. In this application you need to explain why you think the ruling was unsatisfactory.

Common reasons that a decision could be unsatisfactory would be because it violated University procedures, it was unjustly harsh, or that you were experiencing extenuating circumstances that should be taken into account. You should submit documentation that proves this, for instance, University policy or documentation that supports your extenuating circumstances.

You must submit this application within 10 working days of receiving the written advice in regard to the academic ruling.

You should see us.

These types of applications are complex. You should make an appointment to see us at the Guild’s Student Rights Hub so that we can help you get the application right for the best outcome.