Gender & Sexuality

The QUT Student Guild has a strong history representing Women & Queer identifying students on all QUT campuses. We also provide some excellent services for gender and sexuality issues more generally. Whether it is increasing awareness of sex amongst the student body or giving students a uni wingman to discuss gender-equality issues, the QUT Student Guild represents all students on all issues.

The executive team are closely involved in what happens on campus. Their primary role is to work in collaboration with female and queer students to ensure a fair and equitable experience for all all QUT students. Specifically, female students can contact their representatives Aenghas Hopkinson-Pearson and Isobella Powell if they have any sensitive gender related issues. They and the other executives are assisted by the advocates who work in the Student Rights Hub. If you would like to contact the gender and sexuality department please email: 

QUT has created an the Ally network to provide support, services, events, information and resources for our lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) student community. The network of allies are trained to understand sexuality and gender issues. They provide safe zones, support and referral for staff and students who identify as LGBTIQ. Allies are committed to promoting QUT as a safe, inclusive and diverse university. More information can be found at:

Recently the QUT Student Guild has refurbished some of the Queer and Women’s Rooms on campus. The Queer and Women’s student collectives have been integral in the process. These areas provide a safe space for identifying and group-friendly students, allowing them to freely express themselves in a comfortable environment.

Women’s Rooms

The location of the Womens Rooms are:

  • Women’s Room, C108, QUT Kelvin Grove Campus

Queer Room

The location of the Womens Rooms are:

  • Queer Room, C109, QUT Kelvin Grove Campus
  • Queer Room, X301, QUT Gardens Point Campus