QUT Cycling


We are committed to providing a fun, safe and organised environment for anyone with a passion for cycling to ride, train, drink coffee, have a chat and just generally have a good time.
We are a fairly young club and have some very exciting plans for the coming few semesters. As part of being an QUT club we have a few ground rules that we expect our members to follow:

1. Safety First. Period. We are all young, most of us are dumb but none of us is invincible, so the most important rule of the club is to always ride in a safe and respectful manner. All road rules must be abided by on club rides at all times. No running lights, cutting corners, swerving through traffic ect ect. Further more it’s expected all members will ride with an Australian Standards Approved helmet. Starting this winter as it gets darker lights will become compulsory on club rides.

2. Riding Etiquette. When we are riding in a bunch it is always important to ride in a manner that makes it an enjoyable ride for everyone. This means pointing out hazards, announcing oncoming or passing traffic, clear indications when turning or stopping. If you have any questions about signalling or riding etiquette please feel free to ask one of the members leading that particular ride.

3. The Pirate’s Code. No one gets left behind. It’s never any fun to be shot out the back of a bunch like a stone. And luckily we will do whatever we need to keep our rides together. On a casual ride the pace is set by the slowest rider, whereas on faster paced rides we will have several points where we can regroup and continue on together.

4. Equipment / Kit. It is expected that members bring with them the tools and equipment to fix flats on the road-side. This means a spare tube, pump/c02 cannister, tyre levers and a patch kit. We will always stop and help out fixing flats or mechanicals but don’t be that guy or girl that flats with nothing other than a phone in their back pockets. Also it is expected that your bicycle be in decent working order so as your wheels won’t fly off on a decent or your chain snaps mid ride! Luckily we have a few members with the know-how to get your bike running smoothly, so message us if you have any quires.

5. Enjoy the Ride. At the end of the day we are all in this to have fun, and we will work together to make sure your time with the cycling club is an enjoyable one. Let’s keep swearing and shouting to a absolute minimum, after all we are representing the university when we ride.

We look forwards to meeting you all on the road! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions you have for us.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/qutcc/