Lesson one: Drink hard and have fun.
Lesson two: Eat plenty to cure the hangover from Lesson 1.
You may be asking yourself, “where can I even learn all of these lessons?!”
Well, you guessed it, at BiOMs.
We’re Biomedical Science Students, we understand the struggle of a heavy work load, and the
need to let loose every now and again. As such that automatically entitles us to be as social as
We are a new society that started in Semester 2, 2016 and we’ve got a lot planned this year to
make us one the best clubs at QUT. But…. we need you to come along and join us on the fun.
We want you at our numerous drinking events, pub crawls, bowling night, social sports,
barbeques and our very first Biomed Ball! With sponsors like GPO, Oh Hello, and Black Jacket
Suiting, BIOMs is definitely the place to go.
But it’s not a date unless there’s drinks and most importantly…. FOOD.
And guess what?? We’ve got so many sponsors on campus that your FOOD IS DISCOUNTED,
how good is that?
We guarantee that with the benefits you get from our membership card, you’ll definitely get
your money’s worth and more. Our line-up of sponsors include Burger Urge, Guzman Y Gomez,
Teppanyaki Time and even Lock Stock Salads (for you health nuts).
We even get discount on the holy water of students: COFFEE at The Pantry. You really can’t go
Did we mention that all this is ALL. YEAR. ROUND. Yeah, that’s right, we got your back.
Now, you’re probably asking, how on earth is this different to any other social club? We have
some awesome and career handy Biomed specific events too. Things like, GAMSAT study
sessions, Research Gathos, Career advice seminars and even anatomy trivia nights (at the
botanic bar of course). And all of it is supported by GRADready who provide GAMSAT and
UMAT preparation courses.
Ok, lastly, you’re know wondering how to find us. Easy. Just look for our stall during O-week
and Market week 


Email: bioms.qut@gmail.com
Orgsync: https://orgsync.com/155232/chapter
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bioms.qutpage
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biomsqut/

Or you can even go and grab a membership now: http://bioms17membership.getqpay.com