Free Legal Advice

The QUT Guild Advocacy Officers do not provide legal advice, we simply refer you to practicing solicitors or Legal Services that can assist you. The QUT Guild sends your form to our partnering law firms or legal service who offer advice in the following areas;

  1. Family law
  2. Estate law
  3. Personal injury
  4. Immigration law
  5. Employment law

If your legal issue falls within one of these categories, please fill in the referral form and send as a PDF document to
This document will then be forwarded on to the lawyers. Please note that this document will remain strictly confidential.

The lawyers will either send you a letter of advice, or if the matter needs to be discussed further, will contact you via phone, email or arrange a time to meet. Please note, this is only legal advice, there will be no legal representation.

If your legal issue does not fall within one of the categories above, the “self-help” document may be able to be of assistance.