QUT’s Fellowship of Medical Engineers are Oiling the Gears of Life! And we want YOU to join us…

Did you know a quad-amputee can by all means enjoy a rich full life thanks to modern medical technology? Do you ever contemplate the fact that the average human heart pumps around 7,200 litres of blood per day? Do you find it fascinating that the human species builds replacement parts for their bodies? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions or they made you pause and wonder, join QUT’s Fellowship of Medical Engineers (FoME) in 2015 to mingle with like-minded students who share these meditations, and who are studying to be a part of the extraordinary narrative of medical science and technology. In 2015, FoME invited quad-amputee Matthew Ames to speak to students about his amazing journey. This year is scheduled to be even bigger, with hospital tours, discussions on bionics and transhumanism from some of Australia’s leading thinkers on the topic, and of course, multiple social events and networking opportunities.

So pick your jaw up from the floor, and join us as we share the ability to change lives.


President: Timothy Hui
Treasurer: Helena Horton
Secretary: Henry Kricancic
Social Events Coordinator: Khoi Duong
Student Engagement Officers: Taili Beausang, Murphy Pryor

(For those interested in getting involved with FoME, please contact the President on