QUT Aerospace Society

The QUT Aerospace Society is a brand new QUT society aimed at bringing students together that share the common interest in aerospace. Plans for this society started in 2014 with the paperwork being submitted late that year. Our first event was the semester 1 2015 O-week where we received interest from a wide array of students. Since then we’ve held our welcoming event and have held a number of simulator nights.

The society has also acquired funding to purchase an array of multirotors and equipment that will be used in second semester for flight training, flying obstacle courses and the construction of two UAV through our UAV workshops. The executive team is made up by enthusiastic members in the Aerospace Discipline who have experience in not only the understanding of aircrafts but many have also built and flown UAVs themselves. Through connections with the SEF department and QUT, we will be spreading the society and Aerospace in general to the public to show off just what an amazing field Aerospace really is.


Email: qutaero@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QUTAero