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We are currently expanding from sunshine coast to Australia wide and are looking for you to promote yourself with us.
If your looking to turn your hobby, career or passion into a earner or wish you had more luxuries whilst studying we would love you to join.

Shareshop is like barter but better. You can trade or swap with someone or simply use points and save them to use on another service or product.


Join in July and all students get a FREE 1 yr membership Use code (lovelife)

BUYERS READY: Share Shop is a ready-made marketplace of shoppers who have points to spend. YOU may be offering just what they are looking for!

GROW YOUR BUSINESS: Reach new clients that you may not have otherwise as often members look to spend in the Share Shop marketplace first and are more willing to try new things when spending points instead of money.

SMART SELLING: By using your business ‘down time’, your spare time, unused skills, accumulated products or things you no longer need, you can earn points when you wouldn't have been able to earn money!

YOU'RE IN CONTROL: You decide exactly what you will offer, when, where and how much. You arrange your own transactions, have your own membership account and can edit your listings at any time.

BONUS POINTS: Start spending before you even earn! Share Shop will reward you for completing easy bonus point activities. Start as soon as you join! SOMETIMES WE EVEN OFFER TOTALLY FREE HOLIDAYS AND SERVICES WHEN YOU FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE - You can also simply earn $10 shareshop value for every person you get to join.

COMMUNITY NETWORK: A friendly and supportive way to meet new friends and network locally and Australia-wide. There is also the opportunity to connect with others at Share Shop events.

EASY EARNING: By offering something that you are doing anyway, have anyway, find easy or are good at, you will enjoy earning points and turning them into luxuries and helpful services to support your life.
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