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We are looking for a person who is kind, flexible, and willing to live in a house with two adults who have Down syndrome. Our son Michael is 28 and his friend Sarah is 26. They both work and are fairly independent. Michael and Sarah have been sharing a house at The Gap for 5 months with a third person, who does not have a cognitive disability. Unfortunately, she needs to return to the Netherlands mid-June and we are looking for a new housemate.

The housemate we are looking for is not a carer, but someone who can provide prompting and/or assistance with general house sharing duties; e.g. sweeping the kitchen floor, benches cleaned regularly, checking the fridge for expired food, being a listening ear when needed, help with opening a pesky can, etc. It is not an onerous role but requires a person who will be around regularly.
The house has two levels and is 10 km from the Brisbane CBD and 1 km from the bus stops near The Gap Village Shopping Centre, which has a Coles, Aldi (opening soon), medical centre, cafes, optometrists, service station, two banks, etc.

The successful applicant would pay no rent for their own bedroom and own bathroom, but would contribute a small amount per week; e.g. $30 towards electricity, water, gas, and internet.

We have further information which we would be happy to discuss. Please pass on the following contact details if you know of someone who may be interested:

Allen on 0416-112-358 or email:
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