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First or Second year of University Course.
High school O.P. Score of 1, 2 or 3 preferred.
Capable of independent thought, diligence and efficiency.
Experience is usually a positive point but not an absolute requirement. Training will be provided if the successful applicant shows an aptitude for learning and diligence.
As a suggestion please do not start the application with how wonderful this job would be for you and your future C.V. Instead try to outline how you meet the criteria above.
Contact Details: Please send email with curriculum vitae as an attachment to (Attention Matthew)
Please include a contact email address, landline telephone and mobile telephone number.
Please indicate the days of the week you are available for work during semester holidays in 2017-2018 and during the semester in 2018
If the applicant makes the shortlist for an interview the applicant will be contacted by email or by telephone.
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