Do you really know what your Student Guild is all about?


What is the Guild?
We provide the services, support and events that will help you get through your studies. The Guild supports over 45,000 students and we are committed to showing you a good time on campus. QUT students have unlimited access to all Guild services. By keeping our commercial services profitable, the Guild can support clubs and societies, facilitate the QUT Guild Social Sport Program, provide access to legal and tax advice and bring you fun events like Puppies and Pancakes – because university is about more than just lectures and libraries. Keep up to date with the good times on campus by following us on Facebook!

What services does the Guild provide?
The Guild provides a range of commercial and advocacy services. From the Student Rights Hub to the Botanic Bar and Corner Store, the Guild has everything you need to get you through your degree.

Can I join the Guild?
If you are a QUT student, you are already a member of the Guild. To keep up to date with current events and information regarding the Guild follow us on Facebook!

How does the QUT Guild make their income?
Did you know, by purchasing from our various shops or services you are helping fund club events, social sport, student advocacy and a more? What you invest in our stores is directly invested into activities you need to ensure, enjoyment, affordability and support on campus!



Where can I find the good times on campus?
The QUT Guild is committed to creating those epic events that make university an experience like no other.

Students can also look forward to State of Origin nights, Oktoberfest, Ball Pit Party, the QUT Guild Ball, weekly pool competitions, as well as numerous club events. Don’t forget to spend those breaks between classes at the Botanic Bar and Grove Bar which open daily.

Can the Guild help me if I have an academic issue?
The QUT Guild Advocacy Service is dedicated to representing the interests of students and can advocate on your behalf in disputes with the university. The Guild Advocacy can be contacted 3138 1683, or emailing by advocacy@qutguild.com.

Where is Food Bank located? 
C Block, Level 4,  Kelvin Grove – Contact our Student Rights team at studentrights@qutguild.com to book a time.

I have encountered grade issues/unfair exams/plagiarism ect, what can I do?!
Not to worry, our Advocacy service can help you! Call us on 3138 1683 for Gardens Point Campus issues or 3138 2349 for Kelvin Grove Campus issues.

How do I join the Social Sport Program?
Registrations open at the beginning of each semester via sports.qutguild.com. Ensure you save this page and like our QUT Guild Social Sport Facebook Page for regular updates.

How do I join a Club?
Simply browse here to view affiliated clubs or contact campusculture@qutguild.com for assistance.