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Gender & Sexuality VP – Bethany Fitzsimon

Hey my name is Bethany Fitzsimon and I am your QUT Guild Gender & Sexuality VP for 2016   Bethany Fitzsimon E:  

Gender & Sexuality

The QUT Student Guild has a strong history representing Women & Queer identifying students on all QUT campuses. We also provide some excellent services for gender and sexuality issues more generally. Whether it is increasing awareness of sex amongst the student body or giving students a space to discuss gender-equality issues, the QUT Student Guild […]

Code of Conduct – Students

Code of Conduct – Students What is expected of me as a student? In  all of your interactions with others at university, you’re expected to: treat other members of the University community with respect and courtesy; behave in a manner which does not adversely affect the freedom of other members of the University community to […]

Guild Executive

President Vinnie Batten E: Secretary Olivia Brumm E: Treasurer Lewis Holmes E: Student Rights Vice Presidents Sarah McCutcheon E: Gender & Sexuality Vice Presidents Jazmine Gee & Maximilian Fox E: Campus Culture Vice Presidents Saskia Mathers & Lydia Argyros E: Sport Vice Presidents Harrison Pie & Stewart Riesenweber E: […]